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Quality Policy

Hevolus wants to be a global partner for a 360 °innovation for all industrial and artisan production processes linked to furniture.

In order to move forward and make others progress as well, Hevolus is committed to always providing its customers with continuous innovation of materials, products and processes based on the synergistic convergence of cutting-edge technologies and customer experience.

As it is oriented to the creation of value and characterized by a natural inclination towards innovation, Hevolus stands out above all for the expertise acquired on the customer journey for tailormade furniture, which allows it to link materials, products, processes and innovative technologies to the emerging needs of the market and final consumers. The most appreciated Hevolus’ factors are the decades-long know-how matured on operating and business models, the continuous innovation of materials, products and processes, the completeness of the product range, the ease of use of all its marketed solutions , the excellent quality of customer assistance and support services, the facilitated order management and its focus on maximizing profits.

This is the path traced by Hevolus to achieve its business ideal.

Having the whole company staff and team share these guiding principles is the first goal to be achieved for the Management, which is aware of the importance of its leadership role and the active and conscious contribution of its human resources.

Consistently with these principles and goals Hevolus chose to adopt a Quality Management System, which is compliant with the standards of the ISO 9001 series and which represents the reference framework:

• for an effective management of internal processes,

• for a continuous improvement of the company’s performances,

• for the fulfillment of the mandatory requirements and other applicable requirements,

• to achieve full customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve these goals, the Management is committed to ensuring that this Policy is known, understood and implemented at all levels of the Organization.



                                                                      Chief Executive Officer


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