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hevolus international

Hevolus’ mission is simplifying, improving and bringing innovation to the production processes of the furniture market through the synergistic convergence of technology and customer experience. We put ourselves up as 360 ° innovation partner for the Italian and international furnishings world by developing and offering complete solutions, which are able to increase both the value of the production and commercial offer and the value of the service perceived by the final customer.


As a matter of fact, the company distributes not only semi-finished products, accessories and technical hardware that are always up-to-date and with a high technological innovation content, but it also extends its expertise to emerging new media technologies, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality: these functions – when properly integrated - make the models proposed by Hevolus scalable and repeatable and help speeding up the purchasing process, add interactivity to the 3D design phase and make the customer experience both emotional and engaging.


In 18 years of business activity, Hevolus has earned the esteem and trust of top customers in the sector, including wholesale multinationals, top furniture manufacturers and large wood craftsmen in Italy and abroad.


Among the most appreciated distinctive factors: the competence and know-how achieved on operating and business models, the continuous innovation of materials, products and processes, the completeness of the range, the ease of use of all our marketed solutions , the excellent quality of customer assistance and support services, facilitated order management and focus on maximizing profits.



Hevolus' core business addresses:


  • Top furniture manufacturers

  • Large carpenter workshops

  •  Furniture industry


The range of products sold by Hevolus and our e-commerce web platforms, as well as the Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence modules are constantly updated to ensure the customer is always one step ahead of anybody else.


The decision to adopt a Quality Management System, compliant with the ISO 9001 series standards, applied to the Trade and distribution of components and technical hardware for the furniture industry is part of this context.

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